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Become a Dominatrix. Mentoring for professionals, couples and much more...

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The Workshop
Workshops for BDSM Professionals and Amateurs

Authentic workshop for couples and how to become a dominatrix. Welcome to the BDSM Academy

Imagine having over 13 years of experience and countless sessions. I don’t have to imagine. And I’m sharing with you.

The mission due the workshop is to compassionately and professionally provide support and resources to adults of all orientations, backgrounds, and identities. I seek to create a place of creativity and camaraderie, elevating your knowledge, increasing your horizons.

Have you just started to practise BDSM and don’t know where / how to proceed?
Do you want to upgrade your skills ?

Are you looking for a way to apply theory in your everyday life with your partner ?
Are you looking for a way to introduce your partner into this wonderful world, have for couples kinky classes?

Are you aspiring to make your debut as a pro dominatrix and are looking for guidance?
Do you want to become a Dominatrix? Are you already a professional that is looking for a way to sharpen her skills and techniques?

If you keep positive answers to one of those questions you’re just at the right place. The M.A Academy will guide you through the Knowledge and skills of BDSM.

Workshops for Professionals

Gaining the edge with Alexandra

Become a Dominatrix

No matter what your level is you’ll have a unique opportunity to sharpen your skills through actual practice. I want to help others to learn about BDSM safely and intensely, and I believe that through the process of experiencing acceptance, everyone becomes a better version of themselves. Does this sound like something that calls to you?

There’s something alluring and powerful about becoming a professional sex worker. It goes against all the grain, and yet it’s a vocation full of rebellious independence. We’re seeking elite, passionate women who are drawn to kink in a deeply personal way. They’ve always known they were different and they aren’t afraid to embrace their place in the world.

Unlike other dungeons, you won’t work *for* us, you’ll work for yourself. You keep what you earn, you own your business fully and completely. I am always open to collaborate with individuals who sincerely love and are interested in BDSM. Accordingly M.A. Academy offer you a fully-equipped dungeon of 111 s.m. to begin with your professional sessions. Also an option to starring roles in Temple of Dommes bdsm video productions.

Once your training is completed, you will be offered a professional photo-shooting experience, since your promotion proves to be an integral part of your work. Furthermore you will be able to create your own personal icon of Domme. You may also -when possible- use Templeof Dommes fascinating wardrobe for your shooting.

I am seeking those who have a drive to excel and firmly believe they can succeed in this industry. Excellent work ethic and innate compassion is required.I will provide mentoring and guidance along this path for the right individuals. I welcome and encourage all shapes, sizes, orientations, and backgrounds.

This collective is a forum where we seek to speak our own truths, and to both magnify and encourage the vibrant, outspoken credos that shape and inform our lives and that we use to engage and transform our world. As intersectional sex workers, we refuse to be silenced and we will take our place as a vital part of the community. We believe that individual empowerment allows us to speak our truth.

Either a passionate BDSM practitioner or an emerging professional Domme, Me and My team will unlock and reveal that exciting Universe of BDSM Desire. We are waiting for you.

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today’s workshop

Workshops for Non Professionals

Workshops for couples

We seek to speak our own truths and discover new horizons in our private life

If all your previous experiences was interesting but a bit boring, imagine being able to discover the true meaning of BDSM with a real Lifestyle and Professional Dominatrix, with many years or experience in the physical and psychological aspects of Domination and submission and who understands the reality of a power exchange relationship. I am sure you could do that by yourself, but I’m here to help you move faster and avoid mistakes.

I will provide you organization, content, education, community, networking opportunities, workshops and classes and provocative, authentic experiences to all.

A fully equipped play space is available for your private time but also you have the opportunity to create your own bdsm party or event.

Soon a third dungeon will be ready, a place where you can meet people with the same interests like you bu joining bdsm events and parties  organized by Me or My international well known Dominatrixes.

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Online Workshop

Online Workshops

Online Workshops

Online Coaching, Mentoring and Business and Marketing advice

Because distance may be a problem in somey cases, I’m ready to take online meetings.

I am planning in the near future to create a new platform where you can have access to free content, set of courses and also one on one classes.

I am planning to cover as many themes as possible in the set of courses and if you are interested in learning more in-depth skills or marketing advisement the personal classes is what you should opt for.

More information very soon.

Until then feel free to contact Me in the phone below for questions.

Tel. +30 6946520003

Bdsm Academy