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One cannot have a perfect session without the right setting.

The ultimate BDSM session does exist, but it is not easy to make it happen. Firstly we need the spirits of the people involved to be perfectly aligned, but we also need to have the ideal location and the right toys for every fantasy.

I can say with complete confidence that I am the Owner of some of the best Dungeons in Europe, and by extension, the world.

Venues carefully designed out of my passion for BDSM, meticulously arranged to satisfy any desire, guaranteeing security and protecting privacy to the limit and, above all, filled with my kinky ideas.

My two Dungeons are “The Underground” located in the center of Athens and “The Omega Compound” 20 km from the center of Athens in an isolated and quiet area.

Dungeon in Downtown Athens

The Underground Dungeon

The creation of a space epitomizes the personality and experiences of the Dominant Lady. Mistress Alexandra created Her Dungeon Underground and it represents her tastes and needs. It also provides the desires and fantasies of the most demanding visitor. It is here that Mistress Alexandra will uncover the visitor’s most hidden fantasy.

The Dungeon has a discreet entrance. What awaits the submissive inside cannot be discerned from the outside.

When the submissive opens the door and enters, his world changes. As they descend into the Dungeon, a secret, dark mystery awaits them. Suddenly they see over 300 square meters of pure BDSM delight.

More About The Underground
Dungeon 20km from Athens

The Omega Compund

The Omega Compound provides a safe and secure environment to indulge your kinks with over 350 m2 inside and more than 1000 m2 outside, constantly being updated.

A kinky temple for those who want to live out their fantasies, The Omega Compound is a lavish space that offers hourly sessions and fetish vacations.

The Omega Compound features many different rooms, each designed to cater to a specific kinky fetish. These include luxurious vintage living rooms, real prison cells, medical clinic rooms, red punishment chambers and more.

Where The Omega Compound differs from other commercial dungeons is on the inside, but where excels is in the outside, with a large outdoor area with multiple possibilities, access to the cells, cages of different sizes and even an authentic throne made of marble.

Whoever visits The Omega Compound will come back many more times, since it is impossible to discover and enjoy all its possibilities with just one visit.

More About The Omega Compound