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In Person Domination Sessions

Mistress Alexandra, the Absolute Greek Mistress

Classical Style Domination

In Person Domination Sessions

I have so much experience in so diverse aspects of BDSM, that it’s impossible to say what My specialty is. But usually My slaves comment on how much I get involved in the sessions, and it is not strange, since I live it as a personal and private preference. If you add to that a baggage of many years as a Professional Dominatrix and many more fantasizing, the combination is explosive.

My in-person domination sessions cover virtually all aspects of BDSM, but essentially fall into the following categories: humiliation, pain, lust, helplessness and role playing.

If you are new to the game and want to get started, I’m going to have so much fun perverting you. And, of course couples are welcome.

Never ask for any type of sexual relationship with Me.

Sessions take place at The Underground Dungeon or at The Omega Compound. Both are My property and do not operate as a shared or rental Dungeons so privacy is totally assured.

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